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If you are hosting multiple events each year, you could use your existing stand for exhibitions. From pop-ups and portables to modular structural stands we can create an exhibit stand that can be easily reconfigured. Reusability is usually possible with any dimension or design.

Based on the frequency of times per year you are planning to exhibit it is possible to rent instead of buying and reduce the amount of waste through recyclable equipment. It is also possible to decorate your display using recyclable and reusable components - this is feasible with everything from the frame to flooring.

While giveaways and other merchandise remain a popular method to engage with your customers at events and exhibitions however, it's never the right choice. From a sustainable perspective rather than cheap, brand-name plastic pens, you ought to consider investing in eco-friendly giveaways that provide an exclusive benefit for the user and are more likely to be used, kept and appreciated. Learn more about giveaways that are sustainable here. In addition, when you offer giveaways, you need to think strategically in the way you present it. You want to bring in genuine customers with an interest in the booth not just for the giveaways!
Prior to deciding on the design of your stand it is essential to establish your goals and objectives for your business since what you hope to achieve through the event will determine which aspects of your budget should concentrate on.
Your engagement should be reflected in the degree of interaction you wish to engage with your target audience. Think about who your target clients are and what type of content will draw them in the most. For instance, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) always are a hit with the younger and more modern people who are intrigued by the latest innovations and technological advancements. Bayer one of the leading companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, loves to incorporate VR in their booth to engage their visitors by demonstrating the latest technologies they've got in the field of modern medicine.
When you are exhibiting at an event and trade shows, it's essential that you interact with your clients whenever you can. While your exhibit stand's style will draw people into your booth, it's up to you to make sure they are on your stand, while making sure that they will remember your brand even after the event has concluded. Because of this, digital engagement can be a fantastic strategy to convince visitors to stick around at your booth and discover more about your company.
What constitutes a "good display stand will be contingent on what your objectives and goals are, as well as the reason behind your decision to exhibit. An exhibition stand that is 'good' might not be the same for every business. If you wish to facilitate interaction with your visitors and engage in one-on-one discussions, it is beneficial to have an area for meetings at your stand that allows the privacy needed for conversations. If you are looking to increase your brand's visibility, your stand needs to effectively convey your brand's identity and also be informative for visitors.
Custom-designed exhibition stands are custom designed and built around your company's brand, products or services.
The most popular display stand frame material is aluminum with wood-based customized features.
This will be contingent on what your goals in business are for the event.Consider what you'd like to achieve and then design your display to meet your objectives.
First, there's an island area that doesn't have enclosures or sides, allowing clients to walk into the area with ease. There are a variety of areas with different levels of sides and walls open, since certain stands back onto other. For instance, you might have a 2x4m stand with 2 sides open or a 3 side stand.
The smallest size for an exhibit booth is the shell space that ranges from 1x3m up to 3x4m but if you've decided to go with space-only space, the typical size is 3x3m. However, the more experienced exhibitors will have bigger stands.
Shell scheme stands can be more expensive to reserve ahead of time, since they include everything from flooring and carpet to power included. The space that they offer is typically smaller, with the highest height being 2.5m. Space-only stands is a little more expensive per square meter and you're renting the space (nothing other than that will be included). You'll have to purchase the entire stand, however there is the height of 4m thus more space to play with the possibilities of stand designs that are creative.
It's hard to provide an answer that is definitive, since it's all about how you maintain your stand and the environment the stand is kept in. However, as a an idea of what to expect, some of our customers have been using their stand for more than 5 years and are still in great state!
The first and most important element of the design process is comprehending the brand being considered. The initial step should be to go through an extensive brand assessment to determine the most important features of your booth as well as what you intend to accomplish and the message you'd like to communicate. An excellent place to begin is reviewing your company's guidelines for branding and then thinking about the way you plan to make them come to life. You can then sketch the design and then create 3D renderings of your stand's design to get an idea of what it would look like in an event location.
If you've got an in-house designer or a creative team, fantastic, or when you have a clear idea of what you'd like to achieve you could make an initial design for us to work from and further develop for you. We are always mindful of the needs of our clients and strive to offer the highest quality service we can.
The collection of marketing data is essential for those who want to increase your database size or follow up with lead prospects. There are many methods to collect information - one method is to collect data through an on-stand event such as an event or giveaway. If people want to be involved, you could invite them to provide their contact information and name using an iPad prior to or after engaging. You could also use a QR code where users can scan and give their contact information to receive an invitation to a brochure or sample.
A method to collect leads is when you're running an event or giveaway of any kind and you would like to request the contact information to be exchanged for prize or entry. This will allow you to collect details like email addresses and name for growing your database of marketing emails or email addresses.
Lighting is a fantastic method to draw attention to certain areas of your display, so if you have items you wish to highlight, you could incorporate LED lighting into the area where you display your products. Backlit lightboxes, for instance, can bring your stand to life a little bit more by providing the bright LED lighting.
Meeting rooms that are semi-private or private are ideal if you wish to conduct consultations or one-on-one conversations with your display. It's an intimate and private environment to interact with your guests.
The question is similar to asking 'how long is a piece string'. It all depends on the dimensions of your stand as well as the level of complexity you would like to make it. It is recommended to determine your budget prior to speaking with your stand provider to provide an estimate of what you're able to pay for. If you are on a budget for the beginning it is possible to think about a pop-up option which is more affordable so that we can offer you a wonderful cost-sensitive stand.
As an average, the guidelines state that you must be ready to pay 2 times the amount you paid on the space itself but the cost could still be lower or higher than this amount.
The primary cost associated when you purchase a stand versus renting are storage charges. It is expensive to set up your stand between events, and renting will take away that cost.
In a post-Covid-19 world digital engagement will likely to be the norm with games and activities that require no touch or physical contact.
The three aspects we believe every exhibition stand needs to be equipped with are:
• Clear branding is crucial - your signage reflects your company's image and allows people to identify it with your company.
• Lead capture - If you are looking to save and collect information throughout the show using an iPad or tablet is a great method of doing so. If all data is kept in one location, using a computer format, decreases the possibility of losing important data, such as business cards that could easily be lost or damaged.
• Solid design and teamwork - The appearance and feel of your stand will draw people in, however your team members must do all the other task of making a sale, or obtaining contact information to use for future marketing. A solid, committed and confident team that know the products you're offering is essential in getting the most of your stand and the full exhibit experience.
An exhibition that is modular can be composed of modular components that can be reconfigured to accommodate any shape or size. Systems that are modular can be easily reconfigured and reused which makes them extremely eco-friendly and economical.
The term "shell scheme" is a reference to a modular exhibition booth offered by exhibition organizers for stand solutions that are low-cost. They come with flooring, structure and electrical systems. Shell schemes are an ideal choice for new exhibitors since it's a low-cost option to start exhibit.
The ideal type of exhibit stand is one that's best suited to your company's goals. If you plan to exhibit several times throughout the year, you ought to think about hiring a modular display. If you're on a budget and wish to create an impact by displaying your business in a unique way, a stand that is custom made or a custom feature might be the best choice for your needs.
A floor plan for an exhibition can be divided into a range of space for stands and a small amount of each size, which means it will depend on the event you're attending and the capacity of the venue.
Naturally, custom-designed features are an excellent method to make your stand more appealing. We can create and design custom features in our own custom workshop, focusing on reuse and providing the best value for your price.
This will also depend on the type of stand, as well as the level of difficulty. We have, for instance, several stands which are simple to build in just a few minutes without the need for tools. But, modular structures aren't suited for building by hand.
Based on what your show goals are, your stand size will differ and your budget will determine your selection.
Hiring an exhibition stand is the perfect solution when you are in need of a limited exhibit space and you want to build an impressive stand that will make an impact. If you attend only one or two shows each year, hiring an exhibit stand is an economical option by working with a skilled team that will build, deliver and tear down, and store your stand's components between shows. If you go to more than five times per year, you might want to buy a stand can bring to each event that can change the graphics, adjust size, and incorporate diverse elements that are appropriate to different events.
We advise our customers to use sensors that heat map their stands - they will determine where visitors have been the most attentive at their booth. This will show which section or area of the stand has attracted and stayed the most in the spotlight.
Your audience is the primary people that your product or service is targeted at and the people you would like to draw during the event. You should think about the people they represent and what they'd like to see from your business. Putting in the elements on your display that you are confident with, will resonate effectively with the particular demographic.
Your sales team is crucial people working on your stand. They will generate inquiries from leads, to make sales, and let people know about your business, the products or services you're advertising. However, it is beneficial to mix your team members on your stand with people who specialize in various areas of your business that can provide other useful details.
Music can be an excellent way to draw customers to your stand However, you must make sure you have the right authorization to do it legally.
We have a global network of partners across the world who provide the same hardware and software to rent. We can also arrange local hardware in order to cut down on shipping costs and decrease the carbon footprint of your business.
Social media is an excellent opportunity to promote your exhibition presence. It is possible to share sneak peeks of your booth design to draw attention, and then post on the day of the show your location on the stand and also an image of your team and encourage visitors to come by. After the event, writing a blog entry summarising the experience is great content to add to your website or newsletter.
A lot of branding is essential to boosting brand recognition Make sure that you've got informational and relevant elements on the stand.

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