Island Exhibit

Island Exhibits

Island Exhibits offers accessibility from all sides, and help to giving your brand the opportunity for costumer to experience your product and services in a unique capacity. Other than that, multiple sight lines, larger footfall, and less restrictive trade show booth construction regulations- all intersect to create this uniquely challenging trade show booth. With infinite branding opportunities, custom island booth incorporates purposeful island exhibits design that enables you to create a remarkable identity amongst your competitors. In Instate Media we provide the thousands of unique Island exhibition stand designs to our clients so that we can help them to give a quick start to their business in any exhibition and help them to stand out with our unique designs.
Some Of Our Awesome Features
Over the period of time Instate Media have improved its services and developed some awesome features that are beneficial to our clients.
Pre Planning
At this stage we have an opportunity to identify our clients objective and narrow the focus of the booth design as effective as possible. The more information our client provide, the greater for our client that the design will exceed their expectation.
The discovery phase includes identifying and communicating the clients to understand their purpose, goals, and objectives, expectations, timelines, and budget along with milestone and deliverables.
Once the client design is complete we make a proposal with all the elements and related costs. The proposal includes items like graphic sizes, booth designs, booth structure, any rental components show services, term and conditions, and detailed pricing of each and every item that we are providing to our clients.

Design concept and Rendering proposal

Based on our clients preferences from the look, function and budget our team of dedicated professional designers develop the designs. The concept are contribute with different views of how the booth will looks in the specific trade show exhibitions.

Exhibit Building show Launch and follow-up

Now the exhibit building begins. We will assigned a project manager and show service manager to our client who will help the client throughout the process. Instate Media only goal is to have a happy costumer when all is said and done!
An Island Exhibits is a display with aisles on four sides. Island exhibits also known as Island Booth.
Yes, Island Exhibits offers accessibility from all sides, and help to giving your brand the opportunity for costumer to experience your product and services in a unique capacity.
The island exhibition stand features a variety of interactive displays and activities, including interactive exhibits, art installations, demonstrations, and live performances. There are also a variety of food and beverage vendors onsite.
Island exhibit is the most attention getting, results driven exhibit design type. Island exhibits are a spacious option. It requires a size of 20 x 20 feet, it is used by well-known companies and/or well established brands. In Island exhibits you don’t share your wall with neighbors. It is an isolated stand where you can independently get space from all sides to park materials and attract at 6 tentions from all sides.
The price of an Island exhibition booth depends on the design that you have choose.
The average time to explore the island exhibition stand and all of its attractions is about two hours. However, if you have more time, it is possible to spend longer at the exhibition stand.

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