Modular Exhibition Stands

If you are searching for a versatile space for your exhibition, then the modular exhibition stands is the answer to you search. The modular stands are reusable and made up of pre-engineered technique that create professional stall designs with walls, roofs and rooms. In Instate Media we provide unique modular exhibition stand designs that are highly creative and specially designed by our team of professional who are highly creative and understand the customer needs. At Instate Media we will provide the structure of modular exhibition stand that can be broken down into different pieces to be settled during the exhibition. We can carry out procedures from manufacturing to carrying to the venue with the help of the transportation and shipping facilities.

The Process That We Involve

First of all, during the design procedure, we always stay informed about how we should go ahead with the design iterations that will be necessary for designing the exhibition stand. Once we finish with the creative design we go with the production of the unit.
Then the exhibition stand manufacturing operation goes ahead with the fabrication of the exhibition stand to the highest finish.
After this, we ensure modular exhibition stands that the exhibition stand goes through the production line and the project manager comes for contacting regarding the various quality control checks and approvals that we need to utilize.
Read MoreThen we take into consideration the process of controlling the aspects of our work. We ensure that we do not diminish the quality of the production of the modular exhibition stand in the manufacturing unit. We have a production detector and our staff to take good care of the machinery. Once we finish designing the exhibition stand, we go ahead with the final quality control. Then we rebuilt the entire exhibition within the workshop while completing the entire set up as per specified by our client. Finally, we send it to get feedback regarding it.

Features of Modular Exhibition Stands

1: Professional Setup With Pre - Engineered Parts

In Instate Media we provide Modular exhibition stands that are designed with the pre -engineered technique and the best part of these stands are that you can easily assemble or disassemble the parts of the modular stand.

2: Reconfigurable

In Instate Media our dedicated professionals designed the modular exhibition stands that are reconfigurable and have the feature to modify their look by using different design and size with the modular exhibition stand design.

3: Eco- Friendly

Modular exhibition stand are more eco- friendly then the custom build stands because modular stands have the ability to rebuilt and redesign.
Modular stands are displays that can be designed to be fitted together in a number of different combinations to create a complete exhibition stands.
The modular exhibition stands are designed by using pre-engineer technique while using the wood, aluminium, paper, cardboard etc.
While designing a modular stand these are some tips that you should keep in your mind.
Set a goal, maximize the space, Good Lightning, Include graphics, Considered different materials etc.
The modular exhibition booth is designed by using the pre-engineer technique and the best part of these modular booth is that you can easily assemble or disassemble its parts and can create the new design while using the same parts.
The features of modular exhibition boots are that you can easily assemble or disassemble the parts of the modular exhibition booth and can easily move this from one place to another.
Yes, modular exhibition stands are designed to be easy to transport, as they are lightweight and can be broken down into components for easy storage and transport.

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