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Tecumseh excels in providing the best cooling systems, ensuring optimal internal component temperatures. Proudly contributing to global food quality, our innovative technology preserves freshness. Their enthusiastic team eagerly joined the Indian Ice Cream Congress Expo 2024 in Hyderabad, a vital event for insights and networking. Selected by Expo Exhibition Stands, we confidently crafted standout exhibition stands, surpassing expectations.


Tecumesh set its sights on making a significant impact in the competitive dairy product market. Their goal was to find a cost-effective solution for presenting their products, prioritizing a display that would accentuate their goods and effectively communicate the company’s vision. Recognizing this as a crucial move to propel their business growth at the last moment, they outlined specific preferences, such as a white and blue color scheme to elevate the stand’s presence throughout the event. Additionally, they sought enhanced lighting, strategically illuminating their products to drive sales and underscore the company’s objectives.


Recognizing the last-minute change in podium sizes, we swiftly adapted and resized the podiums within 2-3 hours to ensure optimal presentation space.

Understanding the importance of accurate placement, we efficiently corrected the positioning of elements, ensuring an organized and visually appealing booth layout.

To meet the specific lighting requirements, we strategically incorporated additional focus lights to enhance visibility and emphasize key areas of the stand.

Responding to the desired color scheme, we expertly integrated a white and blue combination throughout the stand, elevating its aesthetic appeal and creating a cohesive visual impact across the entire event.


Tecumesh achieved a strong brand presence, successfully engaged visitors with their product line, and expressed contentment with the seamless services provided by our team.

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