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Maini Precision Products Limited is a dynamic company that excels as a comprehensive solutions provider in process design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and supply of various precision products and assemblies. Renowned for their expertise in diverse and critical manufacturing and finishing processes, they specialize in machined castings, die castings, machined forgings, bar route machining, plate machining, and ancillary activities like end-of-line testing. Their interest in participating in the Indian Ice Cream Congress Expo 2022, a significant event for valuable information and networking, led Expo Stands to choose us to craft rental exhibition stands. Our confidence in delivering met their expectations seamlessly.


Maini Precision Products Limited wishes to establish a footprint in the local business landscape as a prominent player in supply, manufacturing, and finishing processes. They sought an economic exhibition solution focused on showcasing products and precisely conveying the company’s vision. Opting for our services to create rental exhibition stands for their event, Maini Precision Products Limited found confidence in our capabilities, and we effectively delivered on their expectations.


We implemented additional night shifts to enhance branding, ensuring an impactful and visually appealing stand. 

Crafting a journey-themed success story, we strategically narrated the brand's evolution to captivate the audience.

Leading the design efforts for all branches, including Maini Precision Products, Maini Plastics & Products, Maini Material Movements, and Virya Mobility, we meticulously crafted a visually striking and unified booth.

As a unique gift, we provided a centrally positioned product display podium to attract attention.


Maini Precision Products Limited solidified its strong brand presence at the event, with the stand design capturing the attention of PM Narendra Modi and demonstrating its ability to attract high-profile interest. The plans, crafted by our team, have earned positive feedback from the client, leading to their ongoing utilization across various platforms.

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