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Indigenius Design Works LLP is a premier provider of exquisite ethnic lamps catering to a diverse clientele. Renowned for its reliability, the company excels in supplying and exporting decorative items for corners, including unique napkin holders. Their team eagerly participated in IHGF 2022 Gr. Noida is a noteworthy event known for its wealth of information and networking prospects. The responsibility of crafting exhibition stands for Exhibition Stands Holder was entrusted to us, a task we confidently approached and successfully fulfilled their expectations.


Indigenius Design Works LLP aimed to establish a strong presence in the competitive market, particularly in decorative items. Their objective was to find a cost-effective method to present their products with dignity, emphasizing quality and aligning with the company's vision. This strategic approach was deemed crucial for fostering business growth. Their requirements extended to a premium design that provided operational flexibility and underscored the company's goals, ultimately contributing to enhanced product sales and top-tier performance.


We ensured the stand was easily accessible from all sides, creating an innovative booth that facilitated visitor access and presented an inviting and engaging appearance.

We introduced a backlit hanging setup to address the demand for more lighting. This enhanced brand visibility and provided adequate illumination to showcase the products attractively.

A dedicated display showcase was strategically designed to highlight the products, ensuring they were presented best to capture visitor attention.

Our comprehensive solution covered everything from last-minute design adjustments to manufacturing, installation, and dismantling. This ensured a hassle-free exhibiting experience for the client, allowing them to focus on the success of their event.


Indigenius Design Works LLP achieved a strong brand presence, successfully engaged visitors with their product line, and expressed contentment with the seamless services provided by our team.

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