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Feenix Print Pack is famed as a top-tier commercial print house in Jaipur, specializing in paper printing and fabrication. From simple visiting cards to intricate boxes, they offer comprehensive packaging solutions without compromising quality. Recently, they showcased their expertise at IHGF 2023 in Gr. Noida. Recognizing our skill in exhibition stand design, Expo Stands entrusted us with bringing their vision to life. We confidently accepted the challenge and exceeded expectations, ensuring Svelte Collective’s presence at the event was memorable and impactful.


Feenix Print Pack, your go-to for Printing & Packaging Solutions, faced the challenge of finding an exhibition solution that matched their corporate values. Their sturdy corrugated fiberboard boxes are ideal for showcasing artwork, crafts, and keepsakes, reflecting their dedication to innovation and market expansion. This initiative showcases their forward-looking approach to business.


We closely collaborated with the client, including our internal design team, and stayed in touch to understand and fulfil all their requirements.

Our team devised a comprehensive concept for the client, ensuring optimal product visibility and presentation.

We facilitated the entire documentation process, from design approval to paper study, to streamline the project.

Continuous communication and feedback loops were maintained with the client throughout the process to ensure alignment with their vision and preferences.

We provided personalized assistance and support to address any concerns or modifications requested by the client.

The final result showcased a seamless concept execution, meeting the client's expectations and leaving them satisfied with our services.


The client expressed satisfaction with their stand orderly and appealing presentation throughout the event, from installation to dismantling. They were pleased with the overall outcome and its effectiveness in captivating and interacting with event attendees.

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