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Why Should You Consider Double Deck Exhibits ?

double deck exhibits

Why Should You Consider Double Deck Exhibits?

Trade show floors are crowded with a multitude of exhibition stands and, between all this, making your brand known among the public is quite challenging. If you are planning to participate in an exhibition and your only goal is to make your brand known among the public at the exhibition, then you should choose/go for double deck exhibits .

Double-Deck Exhibition Stands are also known as two-story exhibits. These double-decker stands are a massive visual showcase of any brand that wants to get noticed-on exhibition. Couple this with the eye-catching visuals and graphic designs incorporated into your brand and it is the perfect recipe for attracting customers to your booth and leaving a long-lasting impression.

Advantage of Double Deck Booths

As we already know, the floors of trade shows are crowded with floors of exhibition stands and among this crowd you need something special to stand out on the trade show floor. Double-deck booth or two-story stands are visible from anywhere in the tradeshow and it actually appeals to attendees. When you are planning to pay for your trade show space, why not maximize it a bit by building upward and gaining more attractions.  These double decker booths are extremely durable, come in an array of styles and are very versatile. These two story exhibits offer many distinct advantages. Here are some key benefits of the double decker/two-story stands trade show booth.

Easy to Spot on The Floor

Double Deck Trade show booths are easier to spot in any exhibition because these stands are expanded upwards and can be visible from across the tradeshow floor, and help you to drive traffic into your booth. The double deck booth / two-story booth is one of the booths that is seen by the attendees first at the floor and that’s why more and more people visit the double deck booth as it stands out on the floor.

Maximize the Opportunity for Branding and Product Display

A double decker trade show booth maximizes the opportunity of branding, product display, and interactivity, which you can utilize at the fullest in the same amount of space. In these double-decker booths, you can have a space for private meetings, social gatherings, product demos, interactivity experiences and many more.  A double decker/ two-story booth on its own has the ability to make you stand out above the competitor.


No matter from which industry you belong to, with a double deck/ two-story booth you can enhance your brand value in any exhibition. It portrays your company as a stable/ knowledgeable industry leader in the exhibition industry.  As we already know, image plays a vital role in business because it not only retains your customers but often brings sales and profits on the floor and makes your image in a way that attendees, after seeing your stand, will think that you must be a big brand.

Creative Freedom ( Graphic/Visuals)

With two levels of trade booth, you get a chance to play with some creative ideas and can add up some captivating graphics. All these concrete examples are enough to prove that the double decker or two-story booth adds value to your business.

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