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What Specifically is a Shell Scheme, and How Do You Make It Seem Good ?


What specifically is a shell scheme, and how do you make it seem good?

What is a shell scheme?

Shell scheme is a common term used in the exhibition industry. Shell scheme exhibition stand or booth is the most common stand that exhibitors are assigned when you book a space at an exhibition. In simple words, a shell scheme exhibition booth consists of a Box-styled design supported by vertical aluminum poles held together by aluminum cross poles at the top and bottom.

If you are participating in an exhibition and looking for an exhibition booth shell scheme stand, you need to note that not all shell schemes are identical. Each provider will have a slight difference in shape and size. It commonly comes in one-meter modules and is arranged with an incredibly unimaginative nature. A lot can be done to transform a shell scheme exhibition stand without spending too much money.

In the shell scheme exhibition stand, exhibitors’ biggest problem is how to make the shell scheme exhibit look good. The shell scheme is inconceivable by nature. To maximize your time spent in the exhibition, you ensure you are doing everything possible to attract customers to your exhibition stand. It’s commonly suggested that you have between 2-4 seconds to grab a passing customer’s attention so that shell scheme graphics can make all the difference.

How can you make your shell scheme look attractive?

Dressing up your exhibition shell scheme stand doesn`t need to be a complicated process. Today in the market, a range of options can create a high-impact branded appearance, with both short and long-term options. Here is a detailed list below that will help you to look at your shell scheme booth mockup.

Plan Out Your Stand

Before heading to your exhibition, plan out the available space you get in the exhibition, the ‘flow’ or the way you would like your stand to offer, and free space for moving around and capturing people’s attention on certain focal points where you want to create their extra attention, and where your furniture/decorations will go. Have several layouts to mind that suit your organization/company and the type of client/customer you are trying to attract. Everyone will have a different layout to mind, whether a big corporation or a small start-up – there is no right or wrong answer, only what suits you and your business.

Be The Stand Everyone Remember

At the end of the day, when people discuss the delights of the exhibition they went to, you want to be the first one they recall! In Shell Scheme stands, it is important to be well organized, tidy, and use the space efficiently. But it would be best if you also ensured that your visitors remember you for the right reasons. And to do that, Make sure to give out up- to-date contact details and branded material that matches your image (brochures, business cards, magazines, leaflets, pamphlets, etc.) This will make it much easier for them to find you on the internet and across Social Media platforms after the event.

Make Your Brand Everythings!

You are only limited by your imagination, creativity, and vision. So while working on your shell scheme, you should use your creativity and imagination to know that your stand needs to encourage people to pause, be interested, and maybe step up to ask a few questions instead of simply walking away. It would help if you used things like pop-up displays, promotional flags, branded bunting, lightbox, LCD holders, or anything that give your stand a wow factor.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Always use lights in your shell scheme exhibition booth because lights draw attention naturally and will help you attract the public’s attention to the exhibition in a specific corner where you want them to look. By introducing light fixtures to your walls, you can create an open, inviting display, making your stand more enticing than your dimly lit competitor. From spotlights to freestanding lightboxes, LCD TV’s mounted to embed within your shell design seamlessly; these small additions can be the finishing flourish and create the perfect atmosphere for conversation, especially if paired with a free and well-placed counter.

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