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What is an Island exhibition stand?


What is an Island exhibition stand?

Island exhibition stand is a kind of exhibition stand these island exhibition stand design in a way that these stands have four side open. All ides of island exhibition stand are adjacent to the aisle. The only Motto of making this exhibition stand is to be accessible from all sides for trade show visitors.
As we already know the exhibition event is organized in a big place and because of the large exposure on the event an Island stand is often a popular stand option for the exhibitors. However the directness of this type of exhibition stand also brings some technical designing challenges. i.e. careful thought must be given to the location of the island booth counter as well as the storage room and means of communication including logos, screens, banners and canvases.

Advantage and Disadvantage of island exhibition stands.

As we already know an island exhibition stand is open on all four sides and therefore accessible for visitors from all directions. We already know that everything has some advantages as well as disadvantages and here are some advantages and disadvantages of island exhibition booth stands.
  • Island exhibition stand provides the maximum customer exposure to its clients
  • Island exhibition stand is accessible to the people from all the four directions.
  • Island exhibition stand provides less space to the client for graphics and brand communication.
  • Island exhibition stands are less clear, island stands require a specific approach for presenting from the stand crew.
  • Island exhibition stands are exceptionally large, so you have to rent more space means Island exhibition stands are more expensive. For this reason Island stands are often rented by industry leaders and large companies.

Tips to create a Unique and creative exhibition stand design

At any exhibition or trade show every exhibitor tries to do something unique to attract the attention of the public in the exhibition.
Here are some exhibition stand design ideas for you to capture those valuable leads and sales in the exhibition.
  • Stand structure
  • Product showcasing
  • Lighting Displays
  • Audio visual features
Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to attract influential key decisions and bring them in buying mode. In the exhibition the big players of the industry expense more and challenge the other exhibitors with their extravagant stands to attract the attendees to their stands and between all this you can use our tips to create a stand and challenge them in such a highly competitive environment.
Stand structure
Before you make a decision to include the unique ideas on your stand first you need to decide what your exhibition booth is going to be. As we already know exhibition stands come in different shapes, sizes and formations and the most basic stand is a shell scheme stand that comes with a wall graphic or pop up display in an open space. Custom built stands are expensive and are limitless in the terms of their shape, size, style etc. and these custom built stands are made from the traditional materials like wood glass and these structures are only built for single use exhibition.
That, why modular stands are the greatest option for most exhibitors and one of the most versatile, creative, and functional modular systems. The best parts of these modular stands are that they are easy to move and you can make a new design out of the modular stand after disassembling it.
Product showcasing
When you participate in an exhibition and your goal is to draw the attention of the public on your products. The product showcase is a simple exhibition stand idea but you need to think out of the box and to capture the attention of the public you can use a creative exhibition stand for a different shape and size from your products showcase. You can also use the hollow out product display to showcase the product displays.
Light displays
Another creative exhibition idea that is often neglected by exhibitors is light. In a brightly lit exhibition hall you might be tempted to think about adding lighting features. Beyond a few display lights to your stand, unnecessary but effective use of light can really get your exhibition start noticed. Brightness helps the humans to focus because humans are attracted to bright space. Using lighting in some place in your exhibition booth will automatically draw the attention of the people.
Audio visual features
Adding audio visual features into your exhibition booth will help you to interact with the people because showing attendees what your product is capable of on a visual level with a digital screen on your stand is a great exhibition idea to draw attention.

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