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What is a Modular Exhibition Stand ?


What is a Modular Exhibition Stand?

Modular Exhibition Stand are the displays of different combinations to create a unique exhibition  stand. These modular exhibition stands are completely branded and customizable, generally made up of multiple smaller display stands. Modular Exhibition Stands can easily change to different shaped and sized exhibition spaces. If you are planning to participate in an Exhibition and if you need a large display, flexible and portable displays, then you should go for modular stands, as they can be supplied in multiple shapes and heights with the best spoken dimension and customized personalized printed graphics.

Why should you invest in a Modular Exhibition Stand?


When you design your own Modular Exhibition Stand, the creative possibilities are endless. You can use your creative ideas to make your booth look out of the box while giving a personalized touch using printed graphics, stand furniture and accessories and even in build LED light panels to create your ideal displays. You can also include audio and visual equipment that can be a key addition to a modular exhibition stand and this addition of elements allows you to interact with your customers on another level. Using a modular display like a pop-up stand gives you and your booth an opportunity to stand out in the exhibition and you can structure your Modular Exhibition Stand professionally and safely. Modular set-ups also allow you to be creative with layout stands, draw attention to your display by using different angles and styles of your stand.


Modular displays are the most flexible exhibition stand in the market as they are designed so you can rearrange the display easily whenever you need. If you are participating in an exhibition, event or any tradeshow and the space you have booked is without a shell scheme, then investing in a Modular Exhibition Stand is a great way for you to set up an eye catchy display. Each trade show or exhibition will have slightly different space allowances and layout rules, so purchasing a one-sized display is actually going to leave you in difficulties and the beauty and flexibility of the modular exhibition stand is that you can rearrange your layout for any event and make it work best within your display space. Adding more displays, graphic panels or more accessories. It is easy to be flexible and adaptable with a modular exhibition stand.


The Modular Exhibition Stands are designed in a way that the design can be broken down into smaller, more manageable components that can be packed into compact bundles. This means it is easy to move many smaller stand designs through car and for the larger stand you can use vans and our storage bags and cases are specially designed to protect your modular exhibition stand during transportation and storage between events. When the event is done, we recommend taking the time to carefully repack your modular stand displays. It helps you to prevent any damage during storage.


One of the best qualities of Modular Exhibition Stands is that they are reusable. The adaptability of the modular concept means that instead of designing a new stand, you can use the old modular exhibition stand and re-design it into a new configuration instead. A modular exhibition stand is a cost-effective and sustainable event stand solution and using a modular exhibition stand helps to save your time and money, versus designing and purchasing a new stand for each event.

Self-Build Displays:

The portable design of modular exhibition stands means that they are less complicated to construct and can be installed by one or two people in a relatively short period of time.

1. Practice in Advance

Before going to any exhibition, always plan your booth design and set up in advance it will give you valuable information about the kind of work space you need, additional tools you might require and how long it’s realistically going to take you to complete the installation.

2. Check the Rules

Different event locations have different rules regarding safety setup Make sure before the exhibition you request the company of each arena Guidelines before you plan your layout.

3. Emergency Tool Kit

When you pack your installation tool it is good to pack more emergency tools in your tool kit, so in the case of an emergency, you can use them.

4. Designate a Leader

Installing a modular booth is all about the team work but designing a leader to take charge can help streamline the process.

5. Pack Away Carefully

Pack your modular booth stands carefully so that whenever you participate in the next exhibition it will be easy for you to arrange all the pieces to build a new stand design.

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