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What are shell scheme exhibition stands?


What are shell scheme exhibition stands?

Shell scheme is a term commonly used in exhibitions. Shell scheme are the baseline of the exhibitions and these are the most common booth types that you can see in an exhibition. These shell scheme exhibition stand are provided by the exhibitor when you booked a space at an exhibition to understand it better a shell scheme is a box design supported by vertical aluminium polls, that are held together by aluminium cross poles at the top and bottom, It is important for an exhibitor to know the difference between that all shell scheme are not the same because each provider provide you a little bit difference in shape and sizes.
Whenever you decide to sign up for an exhibition, the organizer of the exhibition should send you a specification that tells you about the type and the size of your shell scheme exhibition stand.

How to make your shell scheme booths standout?

As we already know everyone wanted to gain new customers in exhibitions and to make this dream true everyone wanted to make their exhibition stand out in a way that it will bring benefit to their businesses. Here are a few things that you can do to upgrade your shell scheme booth that can change your visitor's first impression on your booth.

Plan out your stand

Before heading to an exhibition plan out your shell scheme stand design and the space that you have got for your shell scheme booth means plan the flow you would like you stand to flow, plan, about the space from moving around for your customers, plan the focal point where you are going to attract the attention of the people, things like where you are going to decorate your furniture and other stuff, select your target audience for the public whom you are going to target in the exhibition each and every businessman have a different lay out whether they are big or small.

Be the stand people remember

Present your stand in a way that at the end of the exhibition people who visit your shell scheme booth will remember your booth for how organized, tidy and space efficiency you have on your booth. But also, make sure that the visitor also remembers you for the right reasons means your business products and services.

Make your brand a mark

A human being is only limited by its imagination, creativity and vision so you should know that you need to encourage people to pause, and be interested and ask you questions about your business product and services. Instead of just simply walking away while neglecting you and your business. So work hard and make your stand a WOW.


When you participate in an exhibition, always plan your shell scheme stand design first and then take some time to plan out the lighting of your shell scheme booth. As we already know that light plays a major role to enhance the beauty of a place and in exhibition you have a great chance to play with light size, designs, tones and many more, it will also help you to make your brand name attractive and you can easily attract the attention of the people.


When you participate in an exhibition just be a bit experimental because in the exhibition you get a great chance to play with your mind and you can use your creativity to design or to figure out the decor of your shell scheme exhibition booth. While deciding the decor just be practical and plan out the colour, theme of your booth. Choose different lights, art pieces that will help you to attract the attention of the people who are around your booth as well as also help you to represent your business to the people who are around you.

What is the difference between shell scheme and space only?

Shell schemes are pre build rows of similar booths. It includes power sockets and lighting, therefore one just needs to decorate the stall according to their choice and their business needs. On the other hand, space only design offers only a segment of flooring. This means everything i.e the stand, dividers, table have to be managed by self. These designs are best suited for those who want to build custom made stands.

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