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Tips for Creating Compelling Modular Trade Show Displays


Tips for Creating Compelling modular trade show displays.

When you order a custom modular display system, you’re not just getting a single trade show display – you’re potentially getting dozens of displays! Modular systems or modular exhibits are specifically designed so that they can be reconfigured in multiple ways to fit into a wide variety of spaces or exhibition booths. Still, great building materials only get you part of the way to a great display. There are plenty of other considerations, including the visual design and layout. So, here we like to share some tips on how to make an excellent all-around display with modular parts.

Tips for creating compelling modular trade show displays:

1. Choose right team

The first step in developing a great modular exhibition display starts with your design team. At the same time, you may find many people from the industry claiming to be experts in the industry. So it would be best if you found someone with the experience, insight, and capabilities to make your design vision a reality. To make your modular trade show display stand out, keep your team small and find people who can be objective and understand the audience. Your design process will go much more smoothly.

2. Try your design to connect with your product or business:

A good modular exhibition booth display or a modular trade show display is more than just a 10 x 10 size booth box. The layout and graphics should tie directly to your product or your brand. Be creative! Try to create an exhibition booth display that will make your vision respective to your message or encourage them to be in a mindset that will clasp your product.

3. Keep the colour of your brand consistent:

Consistency is crucial when it comes to branding. Everything is corporate imagery. Such as, the logo should be the same everywhere, whenever it appears. Also, your brand’s color scheme should be consistent, as well as make sure that everything Matches perfectly. You should definitely use the Panton scheme. This will make it much easier for design constructors to ensure everything matches ideally.

4. Consider the traffic flow:

A great modular trade show display is not only exclusively pleasing to the eyes and ears but also should be easy to walk through. Plan out all the things carefully. Think hard about how the people should walk
through the display from where most people are coming from and where you want them to go once they are in your booth. Always use lights on the floor to guide people where they should go.

5. Use accessories to complete the customer experience:

Adding accessories to your exhibition booth can increase the experience! I-pad tablets stand to create self-serve information while using large screens helps You to show off the corporative wideness. Using lights to set up different moods, desks, and other elements gives it a personalized touch. You can also put a large counter at the center of the display to create a focal point for the entire booth.

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