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The Ultimate Guide for Creating Outstanding Inline Exhibits

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The Ultimate Guide for Creating Outstanding Inline Exhibits

What is Inline exhibits

The term linear exhibits or inline exhibits is derived from the fact that there is a straight line of exhibitors side by side. They are designated 8’x10′, which means 8 feet deep by 10 feet wide. Frequently, the other linear sizes are 10-by-10, 10’x20, and so on. Regardless of the size of your exhibit space, you will most likely be limited in 2 ways: height and line of sight. The drape line-height determines your exhibit structure’s allowable height. Most portable (or pop-up) exhibits and banner stands will be between 78″ to 95″ (96 is 8′) tall. The show rules usually specify a maximum height of 8′ tall. Drape lines are used to separate the exhibitors back to back and to provide a visually uniform backdrop. If your exhibit is taller than 8 feet, then the backside of your exhibit will be exposed in the space behind you. If you plan to go taller, I suggest the exhibit height preapproved by the show organizer to get a space along the show perimeter where the show rules may allow you to go to the 12′ height maximum.

As you move forward in the booth space, you are usually not confronted about going a little taller as the sightline from the booth behind you looking up is at a pretty steep angle. A variation to the eight ′ tall exhibits that usually do not impose a problem is a header that sticks up slightly taller, is not directed against the back wall, and has a finished backside. Think about the attendee experience at a trade show. Consider the best way to interest prospects when approaching your inline exhibits. An inline exhibits design house can help you create a tailor-made exhibit for your company. Your inline exhibit is the physical manifestation of your brand. Here is the Ultimate Guide for Creating Outstanding Inline Exhibits for your business.

Lighting your exhibition booth

Lighting plays a significant role, and using them in your exhibition booth can draw the public’s attention to some specific corner. You can use colored LEDs, for instance, neon signs, strings of festoon light, and giant light bulb setups to do a number on the attendees. And if you want a low-key effect, choose a centerpiece light like a chandelier or a homely feel standing picture lamp.

Make your inline exhibit interactive

Suppose you participate in the exhibition and aim to make attendees interact with your inline exhibits. In that case, a free trial will allow your audience to experience your service personality and product. This will build trust in your brand. Engaging with your brand will help the visitors with their purchasing decision and invite the audience to your booth.

Clearly display your brand and its benefits

At the booth, you need to create an impression on potential customers. Whichever impression you make will determine whether they will take longer at your exhibition stand or not. The logo must always be visible, and your graphics put forward your brand’s primary offering. Giving out confusing, inappropriate, or mixed messages will lead to visitors avoiding your booth.

Make the wall interactive

Incorporating interactive walls into your inline booth design will make it stand out and position itself as an integral part of the experience. This will make your attendees stop and engage with your booth. By engaging your visitors mentally and physically through questioners and games, you make them more engaged in the brand experience and, therefore, more invested in the brand itself.

Use noticeable colours

Attracting visitors is vital to forming a solid return on investment, so creating a high visual appeal is essential. Colors that look too dull or neutral tend to cause your booth design to fade into the background. If your color does not include brighter colors, choose an attractive or metallic surface. If your color does not include brighter colors, choose to combine interesting textures or metallic surfaces instead.

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