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Secrets to a Successful Island Exhibition Booth Design

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Secrets to a successful Island Exhibition Booth Design

Island exhibition stands are open from all four sides. These are the most extensive exhibition stands at the tradeshow and have the most significant footprint. Therefore island exhibition stands are ideal for presenting your trade distinctively and memorably. However, the four sides indicate that you must lay out the frame in a specific way which requires some special design skills.

These secret tips will help your Island Exhibition Stand Design to be eye-catching and make your Island exhibition booth appealing and inviting.  If you are planning to exhibit at a trade show or exhibition, invest a little time in your booth design because this is the first thing people will notice when they approach you, so you and your business need to make an excellent first impression.

Here are six secret tips to ensure your space is appealing and inviting.

Use the right visuals to create interest- a clear message works best.

In an exhibition, it is crucial to grab the guests’ attention with an excellent Island Exhibition Design in the show. There are no. of eve-catching options in the market which will be successful in attracting the attention you require, including

  • Banners stands
  • Table covers
  • Digital signage
  • Pop up displays
  • Hanging banners
  • Ipad stands

Use of colours

It seems pretty obvious, but the colour of your Island exhibition stand is essential. As we already know, different colour prompt different emotional responses. So while your Island exhibition stand is designed, choose a colour scheme that is striking and inviting. And you need to be faithful to your branding and marketing requirements, but if the opportunity arises, consider your colour choices. If branding rules limit your colour options in any case, consider the visual you choose.

Use of text

Color may lead to an unconscious response from prospective visitors, but the text and your sales copy play a big part in communicating your business message. When it comes to Island exhibition booth design, think of a short, straightforward, eye-catching, attention-grabbing headline or maybe a question to create interest.  And when your visitor comes into your booth, always be ready with more information and details so when they walk out from your Island exhibition stand, they are well informed and impressed. Remember to ensure all the critical copy is above the waist height or, better still, at eye height so it can be seen.

Use of portable displays

When creating your setup, you can use portable displays. This kind of display can be customized to fit the booth and space location requirements. They are also easier to transport.

Upgrade the flooring

Suppose you can upgrade the flooring of your Island exhibition booth. The standard commercial carpet is uncomfortable to stand on and unappealing and usually does not match the persona of the Island exhibit. Upgrading flooring is generally worth the money, making the space more comfortable.

Importance of storage

When you design your island exhibition booth, take advantage of a wide variety of storage solutions. Stalls lacking storage space can lead to chaos – leaflets, samples, and information are hard to find or lying around untidily, which can ruin any first impression. Use shelves to organize the products and create an attractive atmosphere for the eye.

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