Is it Still Beneficial to participate in an Exhibition in the Digital Age?

In this day and age in which everything business-related is mostly handled
online which is considerably cheaper, why would anyone even think about
participating in an event? What is the reason why a business should pay more
for a trade shows that are physically held instead of the less expensive
alternative of the virtual version as an alternative?

No matter the size of your business, whether it’s a multimillion-dollar business
or a start-up looking to establish itself within the field, exhibiting at trade fairs is
definitely costly and time-consuming. It can also be stressful and a hassle, yet it
provides enormous opportunities for expansion that you cannot find
elsewhere. You will be able to meet and learn from industry peers on their
marketing strategies, get direct feedback about your business and your brand
from potential and existing customers, and increase your brand’s exposure

However, the most important issue is “Is it valuable to exhibit in a trade fair?”
The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at some advantages of exhibiting at an
event –

1: Face-to-face interactions with potential clients: You are given this chance to
interact directly with potential clients in person instead of sending emails or cold
calling, in which you’re just a voice that they do not recognize. However, when
they meet with them in person it’s easier for them to develop trust, which is
crucial to attracting new customers. Attending trade shows can provide the
opportunity to experience that surpasses any kind of online interaction because
it allows your company to connect with a wider and more receptive group of

2: Be aware of your competition and remain ahead of them: Exhibition provides
you with a unique chance to look at your competitors ‘ activities in the world
market instead of looking them up on the internet. Experience first-hand what
your competitors in your field are performing in attracting more visitors, and
knowing how they are accepted by visitors can assist you in understanding what
is and isn’t effective. This will help you develop better business strategies for
the future.

3: The chance to boost your brand’s visibility across the globe: Exhibitions
offer an international platform for your business to enhance its image to the
most enthusiastic customers. A stand at the event isn’t enough to be recognized
and you’ll require an attractive exhibit stand design to create a stand that will
draw the attention of visitors. The more attractive your booth is, the more leads
you’ll be capable of bringing home.

4: Make lucrative business relationships: Trade show allow you to use a two-
sided exhibiting method since you will not only be able to engage with your
prospective clients, but potential vendors as well. It will give you the chance to
expand your customer base but establish some lucrative connections too. It is
possible to increase the supply chain of your business and help boost the
growth of your business.

5: Create more leads and make new sales: Atmosphere at exhibitions for
marketing and sales is more relaxed since the participants attend such events
with a mind-set of buying. It is important to know how to interact with
prospective customers to not just get an additional lead, but also to make the
sale. These shows can be extremely helpful to get business if you are able to
implement the proper strategy to follow.

6: You can get direct feedback directly from your targeted market: Customer
feedback in the form of surveys can be useful but it’s not always reliable. If you
receive direct feedback from prospective customers, you’ll have the chance to
discover what business strategies aren’t effective for you, what are you failing
and what your potential client’s attitude is towards your offerings and services.

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