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Idea to Incorporate into Design to create Booth Engagement


Ideas to Incorporate Interactive Media into Your Stand Design to Increase Booth Engagement

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a positive change to the Exhibition and Industry of events as it brought an addition of interactive and innovative technology into your exhibit stand design. A proper integration of technology in your Exhibit Stand Design and Construction will result in an increase in interaction between visitors at your stand, which leaves an impression in the minds of prospective customers because of the immersive atmosphere. Visual merchandising as we are aware is always evolving and, therefore, to create the best brand experience possible, exhibition stand designers develop clever display options for trade fairs that aid to increase sales of your product, pique the curiosity of your potential customers, and increase the return on investment. For a successful occasion, you’ll not just require an attractive exhibit stand, but also a thoughtful strategy as well.

We Have Five Interactive Media to Think About for Your Next Exhibition Stand -

1: The Use Of Virtual Mirrors:

Virtual mirrors are a great benefit to the cosmetics and beauty industry because it keeps clients engaged throughout the exhibitions. Virtual mirrors make use of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It allows people to play with their appearance, put on makeup and experiment with different hairstyles or colors, without having to actually do the makeover in real life. If you’re an expert in cosmetics and beauty and are looking to take part in the forthcoming exhibitions, you must consider the addition of a virtual mirror to your display at trade shows. It can be a boon for your business.

2: Display Your Product on Interactive Display Cases:

Do you understand what interactive display cases mean? These are cases for display with touchscreens that display all the information potential customers would be curious about. It doesn’t matter if you represent your real estate firm or food and beverage company or belong to the tourism business. It is a good idea to consider interactive displays to your booth. They will attract the attention of every passer-by and give them information regarding your company, the latest trends as well as your services and products.

3: Creating Immersive Environments to Draw the Attention of Your Visitors:

Creating immersive environments at your booth at trade fairs is an effective method to entice the crowd who are visiting your booth. It is possible to utilize 3D projections with holograms as well as high-resolution projection equipment to bring your potential customers on an experience in digital space. Integrating augmented or virtual realities can take your company to the next step. Designing immersive environments for your stands will draw the attention of visitors at trade shows.

4: 3-D Projection Mapping That Takes Your Customers Through a Virtual Experience:

Spatial augmented reality or 3D projection mapping could assist in bringing life to your products, resulting in an immersive experience for your customers. It’s a basic technology that can be used to showcase the strengths that your products offer. The inclusion of a 3D projection map inside your booth will boost your company to the next step.

5: Assistance From Robots at Your Booth:

Introducing an innovative line of products to potential clients through robotic assistance can increase the number of visitors who visit your stand. Robotic guidance can be used to direct visitors to your trade show booth and give them relevant information regarding your company’s products and services. If you’d like to stand in the center of attention at any trade fair, make use of robotics at the next show.

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