How to ‘Lure’ Trade Show Attendees to Your Exhibition Stand?

Exhibitions provide numerous opportunities for the growth of businesses as they
provide an international platform for companies to grow the number of customers
they serve, create new connections that are profitable, and create an image of your
company in the international marketplace. It is a global stage in which you will be
competing with hundreds of your competitors across the globe to be noticed by your
potential customers.

If you’ve decided to take part in the show and you are interested in participating,
why not go that extra mile to impress potential clients. To draw people to your
booth it is essential to promote the interaction of your booth as well as make the
space more attractive and stimulating.

Here are some ways by to help you draw more people to your exhibit stands:

1: Promotion prior to the show using various methods of marketing: Promoting
your stand before the event provides your guests with the chance to become
informed about your products and services. Different marketing strategies can be
employed to grab the attention of your potential customers, such as publishing
blogs or hashtags in social media. Participants must have an accurate picture of
your services and products in order to visit your booth during the event.

2: Use your existing client network: You can invite your existing customers to visit
your stand throughout the event to ensure that your display is lively and
interactive. There is no better method to draw to your potential customers than the
current customers.

3: Make your website attractive and appealing: Your display stand must be visually
attractive and to achieve this you’ll require an exhibition stand manufacturer to
build you stand custom to meet your specific needs. The exhibition booth builders
know how to incorporate your logo and branding on your display in order to ensure
that your brand is the main focus of your company. Also, conduct a thorough
research before engaging a professional exhibition stand builder for your business.

4: Create engaging and interactive technologies: An exhibition stand company can
keep potential customers entertained at your stand. By incorporating the latest
technology in your stand will bring more visitors to your booth, for example playing
videos using big LEDs, or playing games. Visitors can view the video on your stand
while you’re engaged with other guests. If you’re planning to have fun games or
competitions that you can play on display, ensure that people know about them.

5: Create a tranquil environment: Exhibitions can be quite overwhelming for the
attendees. They may need an escape from the bustle of the occasion to relax their
minds. Your stand should be simple and comfortable and have a comfortable
seating arrangement, like the lounge area and beanbags. The availability of
refreshments and free Wi-Fi at your exhibit booth is a fantastic strategy to draw
more people to your booth as well.

6: Bring your most talented members forward: Choosing who will be your members
of the team is vital as they will represent your business at an event. They must be
professional but also friendly. Your booth staff must be properly trained and
knowledgeable about your services and products. If someone visiting your booth requires information about one of your displayed products or services, your
employees must be able to give the appropriate answer confidently.

Giveaways should be original and worth the effort: While pens, mugs and
various other stationary products are commonly used giveaways, they aren’t
serving the purpose of your business. While giving away brochures or catalogues
serves a business need and is distinctive to your company however, you should be
creative and think of something different and valuable to offer to potential
Remember to not become a salesman who is too aggressive in the course of the
event. It’s not just about selling a single product, however, you are creating an
image for your company in the global market. Additionally, you must be a social
media expert to increase the number of leads. Properly using live streaming via
Instagram and the correct use of hashtags is a good way to engage with
prospective clients at the event.
If you require assistance in creating unique and attractive stands for your company
that will bring more people to your stand, Instate Media is your reliable stand-upbuilder business that offers a wide range of solutions and services for exhibitions
all over the globe. If you need a custom-designed stand, a cost-effective modular
stand, large two-story stand or an attractive pavilion for your exhibition, we are
here to help.

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