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Guide to Creating the Best 20 X 20 Booth Design


Guide to creating the best 20 X 20 Booth Design

The 20 x 20 booth design stands out as a medium-sized, square-shaped space built with a focus on driving your business to the very top. Its lean structure makes it a moderate choice that has previously impressed other trade show visitors and businesses alike. Hanging signage and towers help to make the brand and show appear larger than life, and the high degree of visibility will draw traffic from all over the floor.
A 20 x 20 trade show booth might seem like a large area to fill, even for experienced exhibitors—design tips for professional exhibitors: Get creative and consider some of the following design tips for getting the most out of your space. Design tips are based on the fact that you will have four times the area to work with when you expand up to 400 square feet.

Turnkey Truss Rentals

Truss displays are a staple of the trade show industry. The exposed metal and geometric design are iconic in many conferences and events. All truss displays have this identifiable style, but they are perfect for large booth spaces. Turnkey rental packages like the ones offered by Iconic Displays are ideal for companies wanting a stunning trade show booth without breaking the bank. There are many different styles of truss booths to choose from, so you can be sure to select one that fits well with your brand and company strategy.

Double Deck Displays

If trade shows are essential to your company’s success, you may want to embrace the “go big or go home” philosophy at your next event. A double-deck display is a great way to make a statement and attract more booth visitors. Double-deck truss display rentals will help bring your branding to a new level. The second-story access will create an air of exclusivity for your booth visitors as you invite them to close essential deals in elevated meeting areas.

Elevate Your Banners

With a 20 x 20-foot booth space, you have the option to display your logo above the heads of show attendees. Iconic Displays’ truss and modular displays have room for display headers in which you can feature your company graphics. Elevating your logo is a great way to increase your brand awareness at the show and stand out from your competitors without extending your budget too far. With a 20 x 20-foot booth space, you can display your logo above the heads of show attendees, making it visible from across the trade show floor.

Make it Modular

Modular displays feature fresh, modern designs, and the included graphics packages will ensure that your printed backdrops and banners are of the highest quality. Modular displays are also designed to be used in multiple configurations at trade shows. A modular exhibit is an excellent choice if you need a 10×20 booth at some shows and a 20×20 booth at another.

Trade Show Booth Flooring

A larger exhibit booth will allow you to create an interactive space for your visitors. The flooring is crucial to any trade show booth, especially those with square footage. Many different flooring options are available by square foot for comfort, branding, and style. Booth flooring is just the thing to give you an edge over your competitors at your next trade show.

Choose the Right Accessories

You don’t want to fill your booth with mindless clutter, but 400 square feet is a lot of room to use. Choosing the right accessories for your larger booth space is hugely important. Incorporating too many or too few accessories can make your booth feel disjointed. The right booth accessories can allow your booth staff to reach out on a much more personal level and put your visitors at ease. Though they are more expensive to rent, larger booth space will allow you to make much more of an impact on the trade show floor. The increased square footage also means more room for creative design. Your company should make the most out of larger exhibit space by working with a design professional to create a truly immersive experience.

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