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Tecumseh is great at making cooling systems that keep things at the right temperature. They’re proud that their technology helps keep food fresh worldwide. Their team was excited to be part of Ref Cold 2023 in Ahmedabad, where we could learn and connect with others. Exhibition Stands chose us to make special stands for the event, and we did a really good job that everyone liked.


Tecumesh aspired to construct a big splash in the food service technology. They wanted a cheap way to show off their products at the event. They ensured the display looked good and showed what the company was about. They knew this was important for their business to grow, so they wanted everything done on time. They also wanted the stand to be white and blue to stand out, with extra lights to make their products look even better and help sell more.


We designed the stand to be easily accessible from all directions, ensuring that visitors could easily approach it from any side.

To address the need for more lighting, we incorporated a backlit hanging setup, enhancing brand visibility and providing ample illumination to showcase the products effectively.

A specialized display showcase was strategically placed to spotlight the products, ensuring they were presented best to grab visitors' attention.

Our end-to-end solution encompassed everything from making last-minute design tweaks to handling manufacturing, installation, and dismantling. This streamlined the exhibiting process for the client, allowing them to focus solely on the success of their event. 


Tecumesh solidified its brand presence during the event, engaging visitors with its product range. They provided services met their expectations, leaving them content. The designs crafted by their team garnered positive feedback from the client, leading to their ongoing utilization across various platforms.

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