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Renowned as a premier entity, Svelte Collective Pvt Ltd specializes in crafting exquisite marble furniture, from centre tables to lamp holders, chairs, and stools. Demonstrating a commitment to technological advancement, the company recently showcased its prowess at IHGF 2023 in Gr. Noida. With Expo Stands acknowledging our expertise in exhibition stand design, we undertook to translate their vision into reality. Embracing the challenge confidently, we surpassed expectations, ensuring a memorable and impactful presence for Svelte Collective at the event. 


Svelte Collective Pvt Ltd, renowned for its superior craftsmanship in marble furniture, strives to provide partners with sustainable solutions. In their quest for an exhibition solution aligned with their corporate ethos, they pursued a premium design to effectively showcase their products while maintaining operational flexibility. This initiative underscores their commitment to innovation and market growth, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to their business endeavor’s.


We swiftly adapted to the last-minute changes in the client's designs, providing innovative solutions to accommodate their new requirements.

Our team assisted with rearranging product displays, updating documentation, and organizing exit passes and batches to ensure smooth operations.

Despite the challenges posed by multiple changes to the prints, we remained flexible and proactive in resolving any issues that arose.

Our ability to adjust and deliver satisfactory outcomes under pressure showcased our assurance to meeting the client's needs and expectations.


The client was happy with how their products were displayed neatly and attractively during the event, from setting up to taking down. They were satisfied with the overall result and how it helped to attract and engage event attendees.

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