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Palsgaard has years of experience and creativity in making emulsifiers, stabilizers, and  useful ingredients. They care about the environment and work hard to make food production more eco-friendly. At the FI India 2023 event in Mumbai, they wanted to connect with others and learn new things. Expo Stands chose them to design their exhibition stands. They were confident they could meet their needs and deliver great results.


As a leading global player in the emulsifier and stabilizer industry, they specialize in providing sustainable and customized solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands. They offer extend beyond food markets to include polymers and personal care, creating innovative functionalities. With a focus on bakery, confectionery, condiments, dairy, ice cream, margarine, and plant-based products, they enhance quality, taste, texture, and shelf-life. In search of an exhibition solution that reflects their commitment to the industry and showcase products effectively, we sought a premium design with operational flexibility to highlight our objectives and attract quality leads.


We provided a theme for their stand that matched their brand identity and objectives, ensuring consistency and visual appeal.

Our team took care of all aspects of the stand, including design, security, finishing, and graphics, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance.

We coordinated with event organizers to address any uncertainties or requirements, offering full assistance and support throughout the event

From start to end, we managed every detail, including organizing a photoshoot, to ensure a successful and memorable exhibition experience for the client.


The Palsgaard effectively showcased their brand identity during the event, captivating attendees with their diverse product offerings. We ensured their satisfaction with our comprehensive services.

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