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Kag Industries

The Client

Kag Industries is a performer in contract manufacturing, focusing on producing nutritional powders such as health supplements, nutraceuticals, and malted foods. Their assurance of crafting personalized products sets them apart. Quality is at the core of their operations, upheld by a robust Quality Management System developed in collaboration with clients. Participating in the CMPL 2023 event in  Hyderabad, they strived to network and expand their knowledge base. Expo Stands empowered them with designing their exhibition stands, confident in our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes.

The Project

As a prominent player in the global manufacturing scene, we craft a wide range of nutritional powders,  spanning health  supplements, nutraceuticals, and malted foods. Our offerings extend to various markets, including General Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Kids Nutrition, Women’s Nutrition, Malt Based foods, and Malted Milk Foods. Seeking an exhibition solution that mirrors our dedication to the industry and effectively showcases our products, we aimed for a premium design with operational flexibility to emphasize our objectives and attract high-quality leads.


Initially, the client provided the design, and all necessary approvals were obtained from our end.

We maintained constant coordination with the event organizer throughout the process.

Despite sticking to the client's design, which posed challenges in production, we effectively communicated the limitations and propose suitable alternatives.

Eventually, the client understood and agreed to adjustments, allowing us to deliver the project in a timely manner.

The client's preference for a classy theme was noted, and we incorporated features like pillars to enhance the overall presentation.

As a result, the stand was successfully set up, meeting the client's requirements and reflecting their brand effectively during the event.

The Impact

Despite initial design constraints from the client, we managed all approvals and coordinated with the organizer. However, the client’s design posed production challenges. We guided them to a feasible solution through clear communication, ensuring timely delivery. The client’s refined taste was evident, and we accommodated it by crafting custom pillars.

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Kag Industries



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