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Graf Spee Engineering Works, as one of the top firm dedicated to crafting precision components for a range of industries including Beverages, Distilleries, Food, Pharma & Labeling, is driven by a passion for innovation. With a focus on advancing the nation’s technological landscape, Graf Spee recently showcased its expertise at Drink Tech 2023 in Pragati Maidan Delhi. Recognizing our prowess in exhibition stand craftsmanship, Expo Stands entrusted us with bringing Graf Spee’s vision to life, ensuring their participation was impactful and memorable. We embraced the challenge with confidence, delivering results that exceeded expectations and reflected the brand’s commitment to excellence.


Graf Spee Engineering Works, known for its excellence in supplying precision components to Beverages industry, they supply and spare parts also, they’re committed to shaping a brighter future through steadfast quality standards. In pursuit of a cost-effective exhibition solution that mirrors their corporate vision, they sought a premium design that would not only showcase their products effectively but also offer operational flexibility to highlight their objectives and attract top-tier leads. This endeavour reflects their dedication to innovation and growth in the market.


Implemented a systematic organization of shelves to maintain cleanliness and neatness, ensuring a positive impression on visitors.

Fulfilled all client requirements promptly and addressed any concerns or requests throughout the event.

Strategically arranged product displays to attract attention and showcase key offerings effectively.

Ensured seamless setup and operation of all display elements, including shelves and product displays, to enhance visitor experience.


The client expressed satisfaction with their products orderly and visually appealing presentation throughout the event, from setup to dismantling. They were pleased with the overall outcome and its positive impact on engaging event attendees.

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