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Goel Pipes is a passionate firm specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for iron ore, steel, and steel product production. Renowned for its expertise in various manufacturing and finishing processes, Goel Pipes seeks to contribute to the nation’s progress. Their participation in the Steel Expo 2023 in Hyderabad, a significant event for networking and valuable information, led Expo Stands to select us for crafting exhibition stands. We were assured of assembling their anticipations and bearing the desired results.


As a prominent market leader in multiple sectors including sponge iron, iron ore beneficiation, pellets, steel billets and blooms utilizing induction/arc furnaces and continuous casting machines, hot re-rolled steel products, ferroalloys, fly-ash bricks, and captive power plants, Goel Pipes is committed to shaping a brighter future through unwavering quality standards. Seeking a cost-effective exhibition solution that effectively showcases their products and aligns with their corporate vision, they aimed for a premium design offering optimal operational flexibility to emphasize their objectives and generate high-quality leads.


Adjusted the theme to match the client's logo, incorporating yellow and black colours to steal the show.

Accommodated last-minute changes requested by the client for product display, ensuring seamless integration.

Provided personalized assistance to the client during the show to address any concerns or requests.

Organized a lunch for the client during the show, offering a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Went the extra mile by conducting a photo shoot for the client's products, exceeding expectations.

Adapted to last-minute changes in the product display without prior notice, offering it as a complementary service to enhance the overall experience.


The customized theme, incorporating yellow and black to match the logo, stole the show, enhancing Goel Pipes’ brand presence. Our personal assistant ensured a seamless experience for the client during the show. Additionally, providing home comfort and conducting an out-of-the-box photo shoot further delighted the client, resulting in a successful event and satisfaction with our services.

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