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Alpha Milk Food Pvt Ltd is a top-notch company that offers excellent dairy products to people of all ages. We are well-known as a reliable producer, supplier, and exporter of items like Milk Products. Our team was excited to participate in the Indian Ice Cream Congress Expo 2022, a significant event that offers valuable information and networking opportunities. They chose us to create rental exhibition stands for their event. We were confident in our abilities and successfully met their expectations.


Alpha Milk Food Pvt Ltd aimed to make a splash in the consumer market as the top dog in the dairy product scene. They were looking for a budget-friendly way to showcase their products, focusing on the goods and clearly conveying the company’s vision. This was seen as a critical step to boost their business growth. Their wish list included a high-quality design that offered maximum flexibility in operations, emphasizing the company’s goals and, in turn, bringing in top-notch leads to boost their product sales.


We crafted a ground-breaking booth to cater to visitors' needs. This booth ensured easy access from all sides and exuded a welcoming vibe.

Our design incorporated elements like flooring and fascia to elevate their brand visibility, complemented by an LED screen to showcase their products in the best light

To ensure a seamless exhibiting experience, we offered a comprehensive solution. From the initial design concept to the actual manufacturing and installation to dismantling, we took care of the entire process, making it hassle-free for them.


At the event, Alpha Milk Food Pvt Ltd effectively established a notable brand presence and captivated visitors attention with its diverse range of dairy products. Their satisfaction with our services further affirmed the success of their endeavor. 

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