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5 Facts to Consider When Budgeting for Your Exhibition Stand

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Five Facts to Consider About When Budgeting for Your Exhibition Stand

No matter if you’re exhibiting for the very first time or are an established exhibitor, making an estimate for your exhibition stands isn’t easy. You must think about to the various areas that could impact the budgeting process. To get  a better ROI, it is essential to make sure you have a thorough and comprehensive budget. Certain aspects like working with the builders of exhibition stands to help your business will definitely assist you in developing an Effective Budget for your stand. We’ve compiled five factors that you must be aware of to organize your booth cost effectively. 

The Following is the Outline of Your Budget-Friendly Plans -

1: Take Into Consideration the Dimensions of Your Stand, Its Structure, and the Design of Your Stand for Exhibition:

The first thing you need to consider when allocating your budget appropriately is that the price will vary based on the dimensions and the position of your stand in the location. If you are limited by budget, you can make use of the space you’ve rented to design a stand to accommodate all of your business goals, such as the two-story structure, which is comparatively cheaper than renting the exact space in the exhibition floor. The kind of structure you’d like to build for your stand will also affect the cost of your stand, for instance, traditional structures are more affordable than custom designs.

2: Consider Investing in a Reusable Display Booth:

The highlight of your trade show is your exhibit stand that not only projects an image that is positive for your company across the globe, but also catches the attention of prospective customers who attend the event. The price of your booth will depend on the type of stand you pick. If you are limited by budget and you are unable to afford a stand, you have the option to rent or purchase an exhibit stand that could be used over and over again. If you do have funds to invest, custom-designed stands are the best option to attract more visitors to your booth at the trade show.

3: Work With Exhibition Booth Builders With an in-House Facility:

It will always be a superior option to partner with a reputable Exhibition Stand Builder that is equipped with an in-house printing and manufacturing facility, as it aids in the assembly of your stand in the venue and any last-minute adjustments to your stand’s design can be managed easily. It is cost-effective to work to an exhibition design business which provides complete stand solutions across UAE as well as around the world.

4: Check for Any Hidden Charges:

Sometimes the cost of electricity is included in the cost of booking your floor space in the venue. However, certain exhibition halls might require you to pay for electricity separately. Be sure to inquire about the cost for any additional electrical products you might require to demonstrate at your booth or the furniture you use for the booth. Sometimes, internet service on the stand is charged separately or is provided as part of the space you’ve hired. Since it could make an enormous impact on the total budget. It is always possible to rely on a booth building company to design your booth within the budget you have set.

Personal Costs:

The salary of all employees at the booth, personnel expenses for training, transportation costs lodging, transportation cost, and uniform cost for booth personnel will fall under this group. In addition, you’ll have to cover the temporary staff to run your booth.

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